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The reason why Sword Art Online is good

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When the release of the anime in 2012, Sword Art Online (SAO) immediately got a huge success. Every episode awaited by the audience. Thanks to the success of his first season, the second season of Sword Art Online became one of the blockbusters of the anime series in 2014.

Sword Art Online tells the story in 2022 there is a virtual-based online game released under the title Sword Art Online. With the help of Nerve Gear, a console for virtual games, every player can feel himself in the game.

But everything changed when the Game Master, Kayaba Akihiko locked the entire system of the players so that no one could get out of the game. New players can survive if there is someone who successfully completes the entire mission.

A very interesting anime with a background concept of VMMORPG (Virtual Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Although this is not a genre that is fairly new (previously there / Hack series), but SAO became an anime that popularized this concept.
For me personally, SAO is one of the best anime I've ever watched. I enjoy every episode of this anime. I will not give an in-depth review of this series, but I will give several reasons why this anime is worth watching.


Beautiful Visualization

The world of SAO truly depicts a utopian fantasy world. There are beautiful natural landscapes, green pastures, classic design cities, cool wild animals, castles, labyrinthine caves, festivals and a world of fairies. A utopian world that everyone feels like they want to live in.


Sword Fight

Who doesn't like close combat action? Moreover, coupled with highly animated sword action effects, such as the sound of sword blows, glowing swords, and advanced techniques. Every fight in this anime is always exciting.


VMMORGP concept

As already stated, even though this concept is not new, it is through SAO that such a concept has become famous. I myself am a former online game maniac. I often think of how it would be if I could live in the game world, and SAO answered everything.


Multi Genre

Not only does it contain action scenes, SAO also presents stories of love and friendship dramas that are not whiny and misleading, but it actually looks heroic. This film also provides some action comedy but not excessive. Sometimes SAO can look like an action movie, sometimes drama, then mystery, romance, thriller, and adventure.

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