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6 Tips on Using the Internet Wisely

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It is undeniable that nowadays everyone definitely needs internet access, this is absolute because inevitably, we have to keep up with the times, especially in the digital era like today. Now everything is completely online, from studying, shopping, even school exams are now conducted online or internet-based. Not to mention the active trends in social media ranging from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more. With this it is certain that an internet user will be very easy to receive various kinds of news, especially hoax news which is now being the subject of great discussion and homework for the government to tackle the problem, following 6 tips for using the internet wisely.


1. Change the Mindset, Use the Internet for Needs to Increase Insight

One thing that is certain for you to apply is to change your own mindset about the internet, sometimes many people who think the internet is a great technology, can be used anything without knowing that there are a lot of negative effects from the development of the internet. Try to change your mindset where you have to emphasize to yourself that the internet is to add insight, so you don't need to access the internet for things that aren't.


2. Do not be easily provoked with news or information that is not necessarily the truth

This is the biggest problem for internet users today, they seem easily provoked, especially with viral news in cyberspace, for those of you who are smart using social media will certainly be critical of responding to things like this, you need to know, now even small children can once share and neutralize hoax news, this is where your attitude as an internet user is tested, don't be easily provoked by news stories that appear on the internet and never make a decision or attitude before there is clarification from related parties about the news.


3. For you parents, monitor your child's internet uselimit children's internet access

At present internet access is not only those who are already teenagers and adults, children are very close to social media or internet life, of course this has many negative impacts, because children certainly do not know what is good and right let alone take the attitude of something they see on the internet. Children are still very easily affected, so here you are as a parent, monitor your child's internet usage as well and as tightly as possible.


4. Don't Like Debates on Social Media

Debate on social media is also one of the negative things in the development of the internet today, there are many social media users who argue in cyberspace, this is totally useless for anything, anyway the debate that we do on social media will not be seen by people people who are related, so from now on, stop arguing on social media.


5. Don't like uploading personal data

The act of uploading personal data is sometimes done by some social media or internet users, as long as you know that uploading important personal data is the same as you leaking confidential information yourself, that personal data can be manipulated by people who are not responsible for things that are not true and many more


6. Don't Buy Too Much Internet Quota Package

Now the last tips, try not to buy too many internet quota packages, why is that? This is to minimize excessive internet access such as clear downloads and streaming that will make you run out of time to surf the internet, buy just enough quota so that your internet access is also more controlled, if you can make a fixed schedule of your internet access daily.


Those are some tips to use social media and the internet wisely, hopefully with the tips above can help there to be more wise in using the internet and make the best use of internet technology for your life.

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