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How to Overcome Game Addiction in Children

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Is the Little One Addicted to the Game?

Technological advancements have produced various kinds of gaming devices that kids love, ranging from game consoles, portable game consoles, game tabs and online games.

Games also actually have a positive impact, namely training coordination between hands and eyes and improving children's computing skills. Games also make children sit quietly for hours. However, what if game addiction affects your child?

Mother, preventing is better than cure. This time we will discuss some of the signs and ways to overcome game addiction in children so that you can take the necessary actions as early as possible.


Signs of a child addicted to the game

1. Ignoring basic needs

If your child ignores meals even though you have prepared his favorite dishes, you might be in trouble.
Children who experience game addiction tend to ignore basic needs such as eating, sleeping and drinking water. This can even lead to death, as experienced by Chris Stanifort. The 20-year-old Englishman died of blood clots after hours of sitting and playing Xbox in the same position.


2. Withdraw from association

Children who experience game addiction prefer to spend their time at home and are not interested in gathering with family or playing with friends.
So when your child starts to stay away from his friends or ignores other family members because he is busy playing games, beware!


3. Forgot to do homework and assignments at home

If your child's homeroom teacher complains about a child's inability to complete his homework, or if his academic performance and values ​​decline and he ignores the homework that he usually does, maybe this is the time for you to act. Immediately overcome addiction to child games before it's too late.


How to cure a child from game addiction

1. Turn your attention

Try to involve your child in sports or activities outside the school that he had liked before. If he seems reluctant or shows no interest in the activity, tell him that he can only play the game after he goes swimming lessons or plays with his friends.
Try to spend more time with your child, for example by taking them to chat while drinking tea in the afternoon or taking them to a family gathering. The more often you invite children to do various activities and socialize, the more he knows that there are many things that can be done besides playing games.

2. Set a play schedule

You can also overcome game addiction in children by limiting their hours of play. Tell him how many hours he has to play.
If necessary, place an alarm near the computer or television so he knows how many minutes are left to play. Tell the child that you will reduce playing time the next day if he plays over time.
Maybe you will face rejection and the child goes berserk when you apply these new rules. Stay calm and never shout or forcibly grab a console game from his hand, because that will make the situation worse.


3. Lock and secure the game out of reach of children

If the child continues to show his rebellion and seems to have no awareness to do what you have decided for his good, then you can take the final step.
Secure or hide game devices from the reach of children to the deadline that you think is right. For example, one or two weeks. Or you can secure their gaming devices in school days and only issue them on weekends or holidays.

Don't forget to always accompany the child when they play, Mother. And don't use games as a distraction to your child so they don't interfere with your work or completing homework.
Curing your child from game addiction may take a lot of your time and attention. But with confidence and love, surely your efforts will succeed!

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