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Why Choose JotForm?

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Template Are Filled With Dynamic Forms

JotForm supports an amazing array of templates in their library, categorized by industry and use case scenarios so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Many of these templates come with pre-configured conditional fields, and that takes the majority of work off your shoulders.

All templates are laid out across the page, and refresh automatically as you scroll down.

Template Selection: There are hundreds different templates, and you can view them by Industry or Form Type. Being that everything is so clear and with the ability to narrow down your search for faster and more accurate results, even beginners can find their way around.

Customization: Every item of each form template is modifiable, and can be further tweaked with a variety of theme templates. There are a lot of themes that are free as well as some that cost a small fee.

MultiMedia: 3rd party apps and widgets allow you to integrate image uploads, slideshows, youtube videos and many other multimedia features that will make your forms look modern and visually striking.


JotForm Packs In The Features!

JotForm gives you a lot to work with in the free account, which is perfect for small businesses and beginning users. It allows you to integrate their service with 3rd party apps that your business is already using, like Dropbox, Paypal, Google Sheets and MailChimp, to name a few.

You can also increase form functionality by adding JotForm widgets, adding photos, videos, signatures, checklists and tabs to your forms, among other things.

All account levels allow you to generate unlimited reports, so you can grow your database, keep track of it, and gain valuable marketing insights that will drive your business to success.


It Can't Get Any Easier

There aren’t many services that you can just load-up and hit the ground running with, but JotForm is definitely one of those services that are so easy for any user from basic to expert to pick-up.

There’s a short video that runs through the process of creating a form which you may want to watch, as well as an onboarding process that guides you through the tools and features available.

Each page element can be customized to the fullest, without requiring any special skills. Forms can be previewed before publishing to allow you to perfect your forms before they go live.

We like how easy it is to integrate payments into web pages. There are so many little goodies – like a customizable tool text box – that you can literally spend hours tweaking your forms to your heart’s content.


Lots For Free, Reasonable Upgrade

JotForm gives you a lot for free, and those that need more services pay a reasonable monthly fee: the Bronze account is good for many medium-sized businesses. It removes Jotform branding from your forms and gives you up to 1,000 firn submissions for under $20 per month. Upgrading to Silver will allow you to accept up to 10,000 form submissions and have more storage space to keep your database. The Gold account supports features such as unlimited forms, 1,000,000 monthly views and 100,000 forms submissions for just under $100.

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