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HIMSI of Airlangga University

HIMSI which is short for Information System Student Association or Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi was formed and functioned to accommodate all aspirations voiced by students of information systems, to make information systems more advanced and develop better. This organization was first formed in 2016 and now, HIMSI has 3 generations, namely 16,17, and 18. At this time the lead cabinet is the “Kabinet Bersama” which is short for Bermanfaat, Solid, Aktif, Mandiri,and lead by Aldino Haryo Pandu.

HIMSI vision is making HIMSI as a channel for people's aspirations, interests and talents with a spirit of kinship for the creation of
To make it happen, HIMSI mission is :
1. Building UNAIR's internal solidarity and synergy with all UNAIR HIMSI elements that breathe a family spirit
2. Facilitating as well as developing interests and talents in both academic and non-academic fields in accordance with the Information Systems profession
3. Acting actively in facilitating the distribution of aspirations of S1 SI UNAIR residents

HIMSI has 6 divisions that work in different fields, namely :
1. Information and Communication
Fields that have functions and tasks to carry out two-way communication between HIMSI and other elements. This field is also responsible for building a good image of HIMSI to the public
2. Entrepreneurship
Fields that have functions and tasks to find funds and income that are lawful and creative in order to meet the needs of HIMSI. This midwife also functions to facilitate the development of an entrepreneurial spirit that is owned by residents of the S1 Information System
3. Study Development
Fields that have functions and tasks to become facilitators in the development of studies for residents of S1 Information Systems, both in the scientific and professional fields. In addition this field is also useful to develop interests and talents in the field of scholarship such as PKM
4. Human Resource Development
Fields that have functions and tasks to maintain and develop HIMSI management and citizens' soft skills. Make the atmosphere in accordance with the organizational values ​​brought by HIMSI. Sometimes they hold a seminar that aims to improve the soft skills of the participants.
5. Research and Technology
Fields that have functions and tasks to facilitate, develop interests and talents in the field of technology for S1 Information System UNAIR residents and develop the technology climate in UNAIR Information Systems S1
6. Art and Sports
Areas that have functions and tasks to facilitate and develop the interests and talents of citizens of S1 Information Systems in non-academic fields, especially in the fields of arts and sports.

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